The Jolene Bralette *Sold out!*

The Jolene Bralette is currently sold out - expect more with our next Tonic Capsule Collection drop!

TIZZ & TONIC Sustainable Bralettes

Before we slip into The Jolene Bralette, I want to have a quick gossip session about the Valerie Bralette. 

The Valerie Bralette is a total babe because it has a very flexible fit that flatters a wide range of body types. This is definitely a Tizz & Tonic classic style. But we thought after two years it was time to design a bralette that was particularly flattering for little boobs.

Don’t get me wrong, the Valerie Bralette - especially the ‘plush’ option - is great for a smaller chest, but depending on your shape it can be just a lot of coverage for just a little bit of boob. And you know, sometimes we (and I say we because I am a small chested woman) want to opt for a little less for a little chest. 

It's definitely worth mentioning that add this bralette was also designed to thoughtfully use fabric off-cuts. The piecing of the cups (each bralette needs up to 8 individual cup pieces) allows us to use the spaces in-between or the 'leftovers' when we're producing our undies and as a result we have less fabric waste and more wearable products. That is some sexy stuff! 

The Cups 

So meet Jolene - our first ‘Little Boob Bralette’. The Jolene is a pull-on triangle bralette - no wires and no clasps just like our other styles. The minimal support it provides comes from the elastic under-band and adjustable 10mm straps. 

The cups on the Jolene vary depending on the style- there are 3 variations to choose from. We may be a small brand, but we can offer you a world of options.  

The first style is an all-organic cotton cup which is lined with, a breathable organic cotton layer. This style offers the most coverage and support due to the double layers. It’s a great bralette to wear under a pullover, blouse or a sheer shirt. 


Jolene Organic Cotton Bralette

Organic Cotton Bralette Made in Germany

 B is wearing size XS.

Jolene Twist Bralette

Then we have the half-and-half option, the best of both worlds. Half organic cotton, half Tencel™ mesh. This is a very classy look, offering coverage while still leaving things a little, au naturel. 

Plant Based Basics Made in Germany

B is wearing size XS.

 The Jolene Tencel™ Mesh Bralette

And finally, for our lightest, bounciest and sexiest number - *cue the drum roll*  -  the Jolene Tencel™ Mesh Bralette. The cups on this bralette are designed only from a single layer of Tencel™ mesh. Light, stretchy and semi-transparent - it’s really tit-tastic. And although the cups are featherweight, the stretchiness of the Tencel™ mesh actually offers more support than first meets the eye. 

This is a staff favourite, we are all obsessed. Free the nipple! 

Free The Nipple Brallette

Melina is wearing size S cups / XS band. 


The Size Range 

The Jolene Bralette currently runs from sizes XXS-M with the possibly to mix your cup and band size. For example, S cups with an XS band or M cups with an S band. Or even S cups with an M band. Again, the world is your oyster. 

This bralette runs only up to size M as it was (as previously mentioned) designed with smaller boobs and frames in mind. We have tested this bralette out for months and feel that this sizing range is what we can confidently provide in this particular cut of bralette. 


It’s important to remember that our bralettes vary in cut and fabrics, so the size you wear in one style may not be the same size you wear in a different style. For example, you may wear an XS Valerie but an S Jolene.

Please make sure to refer to each individual bralette sizing chart


Plant based Intimates Made in Germany

More Tizz & Tonic Bralettes!

As our brand and team grows we will work on eventually expanding this range or designing a triangle bralette that is suitable for more ‘boob-age’. But until then, we are only able to offer this bralette is a limited sizing range. 

So with that being said if the Jolene doesn’t seem to be the bralette for you or if your size isn’t listed, don’t worry too much as we have two other styles to choose from which are available to order in custom mix-sizing up to XL. 

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The Jolene Bralette is now sold-out but will likely be back in our next Capsule Collection drop. Stay tuned!

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