TIZZ & TONIC Bralettes Made in Germany

Getting Intimate with The Valerie Bralette

This is the Valerie bralette. A beloved underwear drawer staple item since Spring 2019. Each Valerie is made-to-order just for you in our studio, with the possibility to customize your size and choose from two variations of under-bands. 

In this blog we are going to take a quick peek at the Valerie, up close and personal and touch on topics like stretch, how to measure yourself and what under-band variation is best for you. 

Getting intimate with the Valerie Bralette

First of all, a quick thang about the design. Combining a double layer of organic cotton over the bust and back with soft Tencel™ mesh side panels allows this bralette to be stretchy whilst still providing support and compression. The design is a mix of sexy and sporty, creating the perfect balance between looking great and being comfortable too - which is what Tizz intimates are really all about. 

When it’s cut but not yet pieced together or sewn, this is what the Valerie bralette looks like:   

Organic Cotton Bralettes Made in Germany

This is what it looks like finished, when she's waiting for some boobs to join her:

Organic Cotton Bralettes Made in Germany

The Valerie is a pull-on bralette meaning there are no fancy clasps, bells and whistles- just soft cotton and you. And we totally get that not all women fit to standard sizing which is why we make the Valerie bralettes made-to-order with the possibility to mix your size (for example: S chest, XS under-band - more on that below). 

XXS-M bralettes are sewn with 10mm adjustable plush bra straps and L-XL are sewn with 12mm.  

A quickie on how measurements work: 

Because the plant-based textiles that we use for our intimates must be soft, durable and fit to a range of body types, our pieces are designed with stretch in mind. We created our pattern pieces and sizing based on the stretch-ability of the fabrics so that each item can form, bend and snap to shape. Stretch is a great thing, especially when it comes to intimates.

There is a name for a measurement that the bralette will be when it is finished, laying flat in a drawer, not being stretched or worn and this is called the ‘relaxed’ measurement. It’s so chill. From this ‘relaxed’ measurement we use simple math to calculate how much the fabric can stretch and this, in turns, determines up to what size it will optimally fit. 

For example: the XXS under-band is cut and sewn to 55 cm with a maximum stretch of around 30%. This means the under-band will stretch up to 71.5cm. But because it is cut smaller and can stretch 10%, 20%, 25% etc it will also fit the sizes leading up to 71.5cm, which is why your bralette will arrive smaller than your actual under-band and chest measurements. This method of course applies to all of our other sizes and the chest zone as well. But this is just a basic insight into some of the technical side of things. All you need to do is find your personal measurements and compare them with our chart. 

Organic Cotton Bralettes Made in Germany

A quickie on how to determine your size:

Obviously, the first thing you want to do before purchasing a Valerie of your own is to determine your size. And for this, you will need just two measurements: your chest size and your band size. It’s really easy to do and only takes a minute - but better if you have a second pair of hands to help you out. Teamwork, it’s a beautiful thing.   

Stand straight with your arms out and your feet a comfortable distance apart - cool as a cucumber. Take a measuring tape, breathe out and measure across the fullest part of your boobs (over your nipples). Note this measurement down. Now take the measuring tape, breathe out and measure directly under your boobs (that area where you can feel you can start to feel your ribs). Note this down too and compare to our sizing chart. Make sure when you are using the tape that it isn’t too loose or too snug - you should be able to easily wedge 2 fingers under the band. If you can’t you are measuring too tight, and if it’s too loose, well...you get it. 

If you don’t have a tailor measuring tape at home, find a piece of string or a thin belt, make a mark and compare it to a ruler or a retractable tape measure. Easy peezy. 

(Below: a size small bralette on-top of a size medium)

Handmade Organic Cotton Bralettes

A quickie on selecting the best under-band variation for your body

If you are looking for a no-fuss, very flexible and lightweight bralette we would recommend the Valerie Plush Bralette. This bralette is easy to slip on and off and does what it needs to do - keep yo’ gals comfy, and with that, you even comfier. The plush under-band is narrow and provides light to moderate support which makes this an option best for women with a lil' less boobage going on - anywhere from a fried eggs to juicy pomegranates. 

(Below: Yanna is wearing a size XS with a plush under-band.)

Modeled Organic Cotton Bralettes Made in Germany

If you are looking for more support for your ta-tas, or live an everyday active lifestyle (like double skipping stairs and running to catch the tram) then the wider under-band version is probably for you.

It has a snug fit, as between two layers of organic cotton we tuck in a 38mm wide elastic band. The wider band provides more support and stability than the plush band and is less likely to shift in place. This is a great option for our lovely ladies who are anywhere from grapefruits to medium sized cantaloupes. 

(Below: Melina is wearing a size XS with the wider elastic under-band. As you can see, the two lovely ladies pictured are wearing the same size bralette with just a different under-band. Like we said, stretch is a great thing.)

Modeled Organic Cotton Bralettes Made in Germany

So, now you should feel better acquainted with the Valerie bralette. If you need any extra tips, we're happy to help. 

Shake ya’ fineapples.


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