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Many of us were just going about our days and then BAM, pandemic. Suddenly we are faced with a lot of problems, a lot of change, a lot of ‘hamsterkäufe', a scramble for packs of toilet paper and a shortage in face-masks. 

What's the deal with face masks? 

Face masks are in high demand and these days are commonly sold out fast. Although, some debate that touting a face mask doesn’t make that much of a difference when combating a virus, masks are actually a great way to prevent and lessen your chances of unwillingly or unknowingly transmitting (or receiving) germs and creates a shield to block your breath from those around you.

The COVID-19 virus is carried in tiny droplets in the air, and is usually transferred in the form a cough or sneeze. Any mask that catches those helps prevent virus spreading to and/or from you. So even a scarf covering your face is going to act as a preventative barrier. Of course it won't be as effective as an N95 or N99 mask, but that is not the same as being totally ineffective.

Additionally, face masks work as an aid to help us to avoid touching our own faces, especially around the mouth. Touching our face is one of the easiest and fastest ways to become contaminated with a virus such as the common cold or a flu. And according to a 2015 study in the American Journal of Infection Control, people touch their faces more than 20 times an hour on average. Per hour! That is a lot of risky face-touching. 

Most people can’t do anything to combat the current COVID-19 pandemic but taking steps toward prevention is a small thing we can do to reduce transmission - even by a little bit. 

So yes, when it comes to the question of wearing a mask, we are all for it because any type of general mask use is likely to decrease viral exposure and infection risk on a population level.

Freaky, wasteful face masks

But let’s be honest, the traditional white face masks are freaky (and not in the good way). Many European and American cultures, in comparison to some Asian cultures, are not really used to wearing or seeing face masks on the daily, so when we do see the doctor-like masks on the street it can make us feel uneasy or even spooked. Or we may think that the person is sick. Plus if these masks are freaking adults out, they are probably freaking kids out too. 

But because of the times, we need to normalize wearing face masks and get over the stigma. This means wearing them on our commute, our way to the supermarket or during any other activities where we may be around other people.

Our solution

So to solve the aforementioned problems, together with a small team, we’ve designed the TIZZUE. The modern day, stylized hankie. A colourful, face-friendly (no one will be scared of you), eco-friendly face mask that you can match with your attitude (or shoes if you are in the mood).

The TIZZUE is a basic organic cotton face mask but has a mesh pocket on the back of the mask. Here, you can tuck in a tissue to add an extra layer between you and the world. Refresh your tissue, re-wash your mask and re-wear it. 

Not N95 masks but still preventative 

We are not trying to claim an effectiveness anywhere near what an N95 mask provides, but wearing a mask can greatly reduce the transmission of your own droplets and reduce the amount of transmission in the air. We should be doing anything we can to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and if a majority of people are wearing masks we can help with prevention, and prevention is good. 


  • removable/replaceable tissue pocket for an extra layer between you and the world
  • flexible wire for adjustments over nose bridge
  • organic and eco-friendly fabrics 
  • washable and re-wearable
  • stretchy and soft  


  • helps keep your sneezes, coughs and spit droplets contained
  • helps prevent you from touching your face
  • helps reduce the need for disposable masks - these you can refill with a fresh tissue, wash and re-wear

 How to wear:

  • slip in a fresh tissue to the back pocket of the mask
  • loop the elastic around your ears to sling over your mouth and nose - just like a regular face mask
  • go ahead with your commute or activity and replace the tissue as many times as you feel is necessary
How to clean:
  • Your mask can be easily hand washed in a sink basin with warm water and a drop of mild detergent and laid flat to dry
  • don't let anyone else touch your mask - it's only for you

We currently are selling single masks, double and family packs. You can mix and match your favourite prints and colours. Just select your bundle and in the comments at checkout let us know what styles you'd like.

Stay safe, stay inside. Keep your heads up and your mouths covered! 

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