TIZZUE Face Masks

The TIZZUE is a basic organic cotton face mask with a Tencel™ sewn in mesh pocket on the back of the mask. In this pocket you can tuck in a tissue to add an extra layer between you and the world. Refresh your tissue, re-wash your mask and re-wear it.

TIZZUE ist ein Gesichtsmaske aus ökologischer Baumwolle mit an der Rückseite eingenähter Tencel™ Tasche. In diese Rücktasche kannst du ein Taschentuch einlegen um eine extra Lage zwischen dich und deine Umgebung zu bringen. Das Taschentuch kannst du einfach regelmäßig auswechseln und die Maske per Hand waschen. Re-fresh, re-wash, re-wear!

"The COVID-19 virus is carried in tiny droplets in the air, and is usually transferred in the form a cough or sneeze. Any mask that catches those helps prevent virus spreading to and/or from you. So even a scarf covering your face is going to act as a preventative barrier. Of course it won't be as effective as an N95 or N99 mask, but that is not the same as being totally ineffective.Read more about masks on our blog. 


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