Smash your eco-goals with every step.

Recycled Tennis Socks are a grand slam for the planet.

Sock it to waste!

Tizz & Tonic Recycled Socks aren’t going to get lost at the bottom of your sock draw. In fact, you’ll be missing them every time they aren’t on your feet because well, these socks are extra plushy and great for many sock-wearing occasions. A timeless design that’s perfect for peeping over a pair of high-top sneakers or for those slip-and-slidin’ kitchen dance parties. 

With these socks, anything is possible. 

Plus you’ll be pretty pleased to know that these socks were created by using textile waste as a raw material. That’s right - instead of textile waste making its way to landfill or incineration, it was diverted from discard and recycled into a pair of perfectly awesome socks. 

You can read all about that here. 

Dress sustainably from head-to-toe and keep your feet happy when you slip into a pair of our Recycled Tennis Socks.