COVID-19: Business as (un)usual.

COVID-19: Business as (un)usual.

Welcome to May 2020, this is what has been going on our side of things for the last month and a half. It all really comes down to the M word. Do I dare say it? Okay, here goes. Masks. We have been sewing masks like mad-women since mid-March, and when I say mad-women, I really mean it. 

The Pivot

This year so far, has certainly not gone as planned. One moment we were in South America conceptualizing what was going to be our dream undie collection (*drools*), the next thing we knew, we were back in Germany cutting that dream up into face-masks - into our Tizzues. Well you get it, pandemic. But luckily for us, production never stopped. It just pivoted. 

Pivoting our business to make friendly face covers this Spring was crucial to our team and the perseverance of Tizz & Tonic, and although it really sucks that a wrench was thrown into our collection plans, we are extremely grateful that we found a solution and could continue to work while providing an item of need during this COVID-19 crisis. 


The Missing Bralettes

Our Spring/Summer underwear styles and accessories have now been available for a few weeks (have you seen them? They are rad!), but the tangas and bralettes never had the chance to make it onto the production table because that fabric was needed for...the M word. The cotton factory that we work closely with to produce our fabrics is temporarily closed due to the lockdown in India and as of now we aren’t sure when they will be up and running again. This also means we don’t know exactly when more prints will be restocked or when tangas and bralettes will be able to be worked back into our plans. The fabric we have in our studio is all we have right now, so if you love something don’t let it go.

Avocado Highwaist Underwear TIZZ & TONIC

Although we are legally allowed to open up our studio and shop again, we have decided for the safety of our team and customers to remain closed to the public for the time being. We are allowing local pick-ups while adhering to all the necessary hygienic rules, and are flirting with the idea to open up shopping on location, by appointment only. We will have to wait and see - health and safety first kiddos. 


Package Problems

Shipment times in Germany are slower than usual. According to some news reports, the Deutsche Post and DHL are experiencing a work-load similar to that at Christmas time but with less staff. Understandably, online shopping is increased, which means a lot of packages. We have to give credit to the post delivery crew who have continued working throughout this crisis and we believe they are giving it their all right now - a wee bit of patience is required. 

Due to lack of transportation and staff in certain countries, we are currently unable to ship to:

  • Canada
  • United States of America
  • Australia & New Zealand 

If you are from one of these countries and would like to order, we can place your undies on hold until we are able to ship them to you. Just send us an email to arrange this. 


Last things before you go

Oh yeah, and if being in quarantine is driving you bananas then the best way to get a hold of your bananas is to become a Tizz model. We have already received some submissions - they are wild and bringing us a much needed fruity boost! Find out more here.

Show Us Your Tizz Organic Cotton Underwear

And one last thing before you go - The team and I would like to lay on the cheese to give a big, virtual, contactless hug to say thanks to everyone who has supported our brand during these last weeks, who have been patient with our slower-than-usual response times, and who have been understanding during delayed deliveries or order mix-ups. It’s our very first pandemic and we are learning a lot.

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