Garment Care

Your intimates are like your really, really close friends. Your boob and booty buddies, if I may be so bold. Go that extra mile and show your buds the TLC they so deserve because proper care means longer lasting garments - happy you, happy us, happy planet!


Keep your pretty underthings vibrant by washing cold or on a cycle no warmer than 30°C. Select a light/delicate wash setting and send your intimates on a easy lil’ spin. Please don’t blast them into oblivion.

If you want to be a total washing wizard, you're very welcome to hand wash because that’s a step toward making your undie drawer a magical place. But we totally get that hand washing can be a big ol’ pain in the butt, so if your not feeling quite up to this (don’t worry, you’re still enchanting) you can definitely toss your delightful intimates in the machine - just do it with tenderness.

Select a light wash cycle on a temperature no warmer than 30°C. Although the organic cotton is colour-fasted to a hotter heat, our digitally printed fabrics are not colour-fasted past 30°C. Too much heat (in this case) isn’t a good thing. So to be a clothing-cleaning duchess wash the loads of laundry with your T & T intimates at just 30°C or lower. To be a clothing-cleaning queen, wash cold.
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In no case should you be tempted to throw your pals into the dryer. That’s not a safe space.

These undergarments are little and will be so happy just hanging out and air drying (laying flat to dry is also great). Not only does this method prolong the lifespan of your garments - natural air drying avoids extra heat, surprise shrinkage and structure changes - but it’s simply better for the environment (yay!) and it saves you on your electricity bill too. So it’s like a win-win-win. Just grab a rack or a line and some clothing pins and stay breezy.

Hey, I'm Imke.

I’m the lead designer and creative director of Tizz & Tonic. I've been working in clothing construction for half my life, launching my first successful e-commerce brand at a young and ambitious age of 15 and showcasing two collections at Toronto's Alternative Fashion Week. I’m an Alumni of George Brown College where I completed my studies in Fashion Techniques and Design in Toronto, Canada.

My design style is creating beauty in eye-catching but simple ways- I appreciate looks that are elevated and joyful but not overly complex which is why you'll notice the aesthetic of Tizz & Tonic to be just that - bold basics with a twist.

Yanna Hanscomb Co-Founder of TIZZ & TONIC

Hey, I'm Yanna.

I guess I am the non-fashionista on the Tizz & Tonic Team. 

My contribution to the brand has a big focus on sustainability. My educational background is a bachelor's degree in biology, sparked from a particular scuba dive when a juvenile sea turtle almost bit me on the nose. Seeing this magical little sea turtle fascinated me and I instantly knew that I wanted to do something that would help this ancient species and the ecosystem that they live in. Little did I know this would bring me into the fashion circle.

Pairing up with Imke, I believe her eye for design and my passion for the environment make us a pretty cool little team and believe the future of fashion should have both of these aspects incorporated.

Bremen Production & Design Studio

As we are a small & busy team we currently do not offer shopping-on-location or visits to our design studio. Thanks for your understanding!

These shops carry select Tizz & Tonic items. Please contact the shops to see what they have currently in stock. 

MADE IN BREMEN (City Center,Bremen)
TO TING (Viertel, Bremen)

Production & Design Studio: Hermann-Ritter-Straße 112 Loft 1.18 28197
Contact: / + 49 179 4536148 
Social: @tizzandtonic 

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