TIZZ & TONIC Desert Glam Vibes

Fall '22 : Desert-Glam Vibes

Shooting our upcoming Fall looks was nothing short of magical. Although you may think at first glance we took a sneaky field trip to Marrakech, we actually shot all of our photos in Bremen. That’s right! Local feel-good beach bar & lounge Lankenauer Hoeft offered us their bohemian styled tents (created by Strohboid) as a shooting location - and wow was it ever stunning! Without knowing what the tents looked like inside, the deco and ambience fit our colour scheme and desert-glam vibe to perfection.

Like always, our crew of local Tizz & Tonic women (two of which are new to the team and all of them are friends) were able to be on set relatively spontaneously - the joys of having a small, tight knit team. Although we thought we would be rained out (which would be a typical occurrence here in Bremen) as soon as we started shooting the sun hit us with her warm, bright rays. With the lively and ever supportive Tizz crew, desert ethno beats playing, sand & sun it was an afternoon of bliss and we think you’ll see that reflected in the photos!

Photographer: Sarah Mehler / styled by us & the girls. 

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