Stepping Into A Sustainable Future

Stepping Into A Sustainable Future

Everything You Need To Know About Tizz & Tonic’s Recycled Socks

The Tizz & Tonic recycled socks let you step into a sustainable future and leave your carbon footprint behind. Dedicated to keeping your feet warm and the planet cool, we set out to create stylish and sustainable socks. 

*spoiler alert* We did it!

Meet the Tizz & Tonic recycled tennis socks. The Tizz & Tonic recycled socks combine a classic design with modern sustainable manufacturing and materials. Trust us, there's nothing quite as comfortable as a sock that looks good and does good too!

If you're committed to dressing eco-friendly from your head to your toes, why not stick around and have a read about the latest edition to the Tizz & Tonic eco-friendly family?

What Goes Into An Earth-Saving Eco-Friendly Sock?

At Tizz, we value transparency and honesty. We want you to understand what goes into our recycled socks to make them an earth-friendly, sustainable purchase.

Our recycled socks contain 80% upcycled cotton, 17% polyamide and 3% elastane. Sounds great, right? But, what does that mean?

Here's a little more info on our materials:

Upcycled Cotton and Other Fibres: As the battle between organic cotton and conventional cotton reigns on, we've stepped outside the ring to find an even more sustainable alternative. Rather than producing new cotton, we regenerate old cotton, giving it a new lease of life and a spring in its step. It's the same lightweight, breathable material, just waaay more sustainable!

100% Recycled Polyamide: Regular polyamide isn't biodegradable and releases greenhouse gases 300 times stronger than carbon dioxide! Recycling polyamide provides the masses of polluting polyamide already on Earth with a new purpose.

Elastane: Heard the term 'a necessary evil'? That's how we feel about elastane. Elastane is the stretchy fibre that makes your clothes fit and ensures their longevity. Whilst elastane isn't the most sustainable material, it significantly improves the quality and durability of the material. We need a tiny bit of elastane in our clothes to make them stretch to fit and last longer. The good news is, your new favourite pair of recycled socks only has 3% elastane, and this is working hard to keep your socks up and your feet comfortable.


Style And Substance

How often do you find yourself scrolling through sustainable clothing, bored of the same neutral colour palettes and basic designs? Tizz is passionate about championing the sustainability industry, but when it comes to sacrificing style for a more sustainable substance, we’re not so sure if it's worth the trade. Call us greedy, but why can’t we have both?!

The Tizz & Tonic recycled socks aren’t going to get lost at the bottom of your sock draw. Our classic white tube sock, with red and blue stripes and the Tizz logo, is ideal for any sock-wearing occasion. This timeless design is perfect for peeping over a pair of high tops on the tennis court or for those slip-and-sliding kitchen dance parties. 

Here’s a few features that make the Tizz recycled sock so iconic:

  • Antimicrobial which keeps your socks smelling fresh (ideal for that old pair of trainers!)
  • Dense terry cushioned sole for maximum comfort (you’ll be dancing ALL night long)
  • No-Slip reinforced ribbing cuff for maximum comfort (comfort is key!)

Pretty neat, right?
Although we do have to warn you, the sock monster will definitely have his beady eyes on your new pair of Tizz recycled socks!


Organic Cotton Vs. Recycled Socks

If you're enthusiastic about saving the planet but not sure if you can quite give up your beloved cotton socks, don't worry! We're not oblivious to the comfort of a classic cotton sock, which is why we also stock GOTS certified organic cotton socks. Unlike conventional cotton, no chemicals, pesticides or artificial fertilizers are used to grow this cotton. Organic cotton helps keep our waterways clean and promotes biodiversity. Choosing organic cotton as opposed to conventional cotton is kinder to the planet and softer on your skin! 

Whether your preference is recycled or organic cotton, you can step into a sustainable future and leave your carbon footprint behind with Tizz's one of a kind sustainable sock designs.


Walk the walk & slide into a pair today!
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