Lisbon: Materials in Transition, Labs and Cocktails

Lisbon: Materials in Transition, Labs and Cocktails

It’s been a minute! Between the Small But Perfect accelerator and multiple trade shows it feels like we have been “on tour” for a while now. We have had a fantastic time exploring new places and meeting new people. The journey has been filled with excitement and challenges, but it has also been a great opportunity to learn about sustainable fashion, and showcase our products to a wider audience. Each place we visited had its own unique aspects and although we are ready to be back in the studio for a while, we have definitely enjoyed the ride. 

Let's fill you in: Lisbon July 2022

Lisbon is a city that we always enjoy visiting. Perched atop rolling hills and overlooking the shimmering Atlantic Ocean, history is evident on every corner; it is also a city that is always looking to the future. Arts, fashion and culture come together here to create something truly magical. Whether you come for the history, culture, food, or just to soak up the atmosphere, there's something for everyone in this vibrant city.

The first bootcamp we attended for the Small But Perfect Program took place in the Mouraria Creative Hub and was run by the awesome team at IMPACT HUB LISBON. For two days we learnt about materials, their impact and application. This is super important topic because the material of a garment can greatly impact the way it looks, feels, and wears over time. Good materials are something we pay a lot of attention to at TIZZ & TONIC and this was a super insightful workshop, led by Joss Whipple. Good quality materials are such an important aspect of sustainable fashion because they help to reduce the environmental impact of the fashion industry, promote ethical sourcing, and ensure the health and safety of workers. Fabrics and fiber technology paired with innovation will be the true future of fashion. By focusing on good materials, we can move towards a more sustainable and responsible future.


On our first afternoon in Lisbon, we went on a tour to the FABLAB and BIOLAB. For those not familiar, the fab foundation is a network of FabLabs around the globe that connects a community of learners, educators, technologists, researchers, makers and innovators within a knowledge sharing network. In the FabLab you are able to book time to use equipment and tools (including a number of 3D printers) to bring your prototypes to life. This location also had a BIOLAB, which is an open-concept lab that allows citizens, educational institutions and public or private organizations to co-create new concepts for companies, promoting scientific knowledge. The purpose of the lab is to encourage creative experimentation, prototyping, proof-of-concept, acceleration & business creation in fields like ​​Biotechnology, BioMaking or Bioart. Some projects we saw on the go here were plant based leathers, and kombucha!

On the second day of our adventure, as the evening set in, we took part in a clothing swap and networking event hosted by Fashion Revolution Portugal. This was a unique opportunity for us to mingle with the fashion-forward crew from the creative hub, Portuguese designers and change makers, Pop LX team (stay tuned) and fashion enthusiasts from abroad to learn about their cutting-edge innovations, styles and visions. When the sun began to set and cast a beatiful warm golden glow over the streets and buildings we were totally absorbed in this perfect July evening.

But, what better way to end the day than with a little bit of sophistication? We finished our last night here by hitting up some of Lisbon's most classic cocktail bars, like the iconic Bar FOXTROT. This historic bar is one of the oldest in the city and its Art Deco design whisked us away to another era. Sipping on expertly crafted cocktails surrounded by the timeless elegance it was the perfect way to wrap up our first bootcamp and immerse ourselves in the soul of Lisbon.

Next bootcamp location: BERLIN

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