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Getting intimate with The Fiesta Soda Bralette

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Introducing The Fiesta Soda Bralette!
Embrace your playful side with this bold, colour-blocked bralette and make everyday *pop*. Wear it under your summer tanks and t-shirts or under over-sized sweaters on easy, cozy evenings. Hey, you can even pair it with a Mix & Match so you have the entire matching collection - one bralette to rule them all. 

Organic Cotton Underwear Made in Germany


Plant Based Basics Made in Germany


The Soda Bralette is a new design that we have been working on since this winter and it’s basically the tits. Designed from 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane (just like everything else at Tizz & Tonic) allows this bralette to stretch and snap to your form. The outer shell mirrors itself on the inside (it’s double layered) which adds to the overall support of the bralette as well as keeping the bralettes’ shape retention in check for many wears. 


Product Development at TIZZ & TONIC Studio


Developing Designs at TIZZ & TONIC Studio


The Underband Variations

Just like The Valerie Bralette, The Soda Bralette has two underband variations. We offer this bralette with a simple, stretchy plush underband for minimal and light support. This is designed for the ladies who have a small cup size to band size ratio - think boobs the size of juicy limes and lemons. 

Cotton Bralettes Organic Made in Germany


The Soda Bralette is also on offer with a wider enclosed elastic underband, which gives you moderate support. The underband is 25mm wide for sizes XS-M and 40mm wide for sizes L-XL. This band variation is best for bigger sizes and for those who need a bit more support - think boobs the size of juicy oranges and grapefruits. 

Standard Sizes 

For now, The Soda Bralette is currently only available in standard sizes from XS-XL. This means for the time being, we do not offer mix-sizes (i.e M chest S band) in this style. 

Slow releases make slow fashion all that more sustainable because we will firstly focus on making the sizes in demand and gathering feedback for future improvements.  

We are launching this bralette as a  ‘small batch’ release and plan to expand the available sizes as well as mix-sizing in the future. We also plan to offer the bralette in prints and single colours as soon as our fabric is re-stocked. 

Soft Organic Cotton Bralettes TIZZ & TONIC

Model in size XS.


Modeled Organic Cotton Bralette Made in Germany

Model in size S. 


The Size Chart

Please keep in mind that the stretchiness of this bralette varies from The Valerie Bralette and you may find that you wear a different size when ordering The Soda Bralette. As The Soda Bralette is not designed with super-stretchy side Tencel mesh panels, it is less stretchy and compresses your ta-tas slightly more than The Valerie Bralette. Just a tip! 

Printed Bralette Soft and Stretchy TIZZ & TONIC

Model in size XS.

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