Reshaping Your Wardrobe Dreams

Flex Appeal: 4 Ways Second-Skin Underwear is Reshaping Your Wardrobe Dreams

Ultra-smooth, edgeless, stretchy, breathable and designed from innovative eco-aware fabrics - our Second-Skin Undies are the whole dang package. 

Here are 4 reasons why Second-Skin Underwear will reshape your wardrobe and why you won’t be able to resist jam-packing your undie drawer full of them.  

Say Adios! to VPL (Visible Panty Lines)

Second-Skin Underwear (also sometimes referred to as ‘Free-Cut Underwear’) are a style of panty that are designed without the need for traditional elastic bands or hemmed edges. Edges and seams can create lines or marks on the skin, and can show under form fitting clothing and even jeans. Second-Skin Undies tackle this problem - the hems of these undies remain "raw", eliminating the need for seams or sewn in elastics, allowing the fabric to glide smoothly and flatly right over your cheeks.

Our Second-Skin Underwear Collection is laser cut for precision (developed so that the raw edges don’t fray) and uses soft stretchy micromodal to create smooth and seamless edges giving you an ultra-sleek and inconspicuous fit. 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Stars for Stretch-Factor

Second-Skin Underwear offers you a lot of benefits and a top benefit is the stretch-factor. The undies' awesome flexibility effortlessly adapts to your body's every move (and your sometimes changing body), while delivering a snug fit that lasts from sunrise to sunset. Our innovative micromodal fabrics provide just the right amount of elasticity allowing the undies to contour to your body's unique shape, ensuring an easy and non-restrictive fit. 

Our Second-Skin Undies are available in ‘split sizing’ (2 sizes in 1 for example: S/M) but can actually stretch upwards of 3 sizes and snap back to their starting size and shape - like magic.  Wherever your day may take you, Second-Skin Undies really have your butt. 

Breathable & designed for everyday wear

Underwear is the foundation of your daily outfits and considering it’s the first layer of clothing that interacts directly with your skin, the right underwear really sets the tone for your day. Another stand-out feature of Second-Skin Underwear is their exceptional breathability. Engineered with advanced fabrics that wick moisture and promote airflow, these undergarments keep you feeling fresh and comfortable all day long. 

Micromodal RIOCA™: The Perfect Blend for a Sexy, Sustainable Butt

Micromodal is a soft and luxurious fabric derived from tree pulp, known for its superior breathability, moisture-wicking properties, and smooth texture. Wearing this fabric gives a soft, soothing feel against your skin, helping to minimize irritation and promote overall comfort. Additionally, these natural fibers contribute to its eco-friendliness and resistance to shrinking, making it a durable and sustainable choice for underwear that maintains its shape and softness over time. Our micromodal Second-Skin Underwear Collection is designed from a blended material using RIOCA™ V550 elastane.

ROICA™ is high-performance and eco-friendly elastane fiber designed to offer stretch, comfort, and recovery properties to fabrics while also incorporating sustainability features. These fibers are designed to break down faster, reducing the environmental impact of synthetic fibers in the long term. ROICA™ is used in apparel, activewear, lingerie, and underwear where stretch is needed but sustainability is of utmost importance. In short, ROICA™ fibers replace the need for conventional petroleum based stretch fabrics like elastane. 

If you want more in depth information about micromodal check out our other blog, “Beech, Please. Let's Talk Micromodal Textiles”. 

Second-Skin Underwear isn't only about comfort; it's a gateway to confidence, flexibility, and makes getting dressed easier- these are intimates that fit your unique lifestyle, whatever the occasion. 

So, are you ready to experience the future of comfort?
Find your new favourites today and remember, being comfortable is no longer a luxury; it's a lifestyle.

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