September Cocktail of the Month: The Kir Royale

September Cocktail of the Month: The Kir Royale



Introducing Cocktail Of the Month: 
A monthly cocktail recipe from your Tizz & Tonic Team

Since we are cocktail enthusiasts (enjoying responsibly of course and never at the sewing machines) and have our studio located in an old cocktail lounge we thought it would be very fitting to share with you some of our go-to-cocktails. Some of these we particularly love to enjoy after a long day of undie making.


So, every month we will bring you a simple, enjoyable recipe. It’s a great way to discover new and old style cocktails and diversify your mental library of drinks. This will surely come in handy next time you're stirring up something delicious for your favourite people. We try to keep each cocktail selection basic since most home bars are not going to have all the necessary ingredients. And because we are just the right amount of fancy.

The Kir Royale

Kir Royale is the first cocktail on the list as it was the very first drink I learned how to make. In our hometown in Canada, we grew up beside two cocktail enthusiasts who host a yearly Summer Solstice Party to celebrate the longest day of the year. Everyone dresses in white and the party kicks off with a Kir Royale as the welcome drink.

Before starting Tizz & Tonic, Imke and I worked in various pubs and bars and both completed a mixology course so naturally, one could find us behind the bar at these parties serving up drinks for the guests. I remember feeling so excited that a drink recipe could have such a fancy name although it included only two ingredients.


A Kir Royale is a champagne-based apéritif with a splash of blackcurrant cream liqueur. By default, the Kir is made with Crème de Cassis and rarely garnished. But we wanted to make this recipe a bit more Tizz & Tonic so I threw raspberries into the mix - as you know, we like a little extra pizzazz.

And this simple mix doesn’t just end with the Kir Royale - depending on the liqueur, you can also make a Kir à la Mûre (blackberry), Kir à la Pêche (peach), or Kir à la Framboise (raspberry). A Kir made with Crème de Lavande (lavender) will really impress your friends.

Key Ingredients for The Kir Royale


  • Chilled Champagne
    Champagne is traditional and tastes wonderful. Similar sparkling wines, like Prosecco and Cava, will also work and are more pocket-friendly. We recommend choosing a dry variety as the sweetness comes next.

  • Crème de Cassis
    A sweet berry liqueur that will turn your cocktail slightly pink.

  • Fresh Raspberries (optional)


How to Prepare in 3 Steps


  1. Pour ½ ounce of the crème de cassis into the bottom of a champagne flute.

  2. While holding the glass at a 45-degree angle (to preserve the bubbles), gently pour in 5 ounces chilled champagne.

  3. Garnish with the fresh raspberries and serve immediately.

"If life brings you troubles, drink some champagne, then your problems will just become bubbles." - Unknown


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