BTS at a Tizz & Tonic Photoshoot

BTS at a Tizz & Tonic Photoshoot

The motto is, ‘Come as you are’. Come with your hair done in your favourite doo, or leave it loose. Come with as much or as little make-up as you like. However you feel your finest. Bring your entire being - your ‘stretchies’, your cellulite, your tattoos, your body hair. Bring your aura.
Come as you are. That’s all we ask of our local Tizz babes when we’re planning photoshoot. Oh, and a good attitude but of course, that’s a given. 


This is how a Tizz & Tonic in-studio photoshoot often plays out. Firstly, we wait for the sun. If we know we’re going to finally get some decent sunlight in Bremen, we’ll post on our Instagram stories that we’re planning a semi-spontaneous photoshoot in a couple of days and we’re on the hunt for some beautiful local butts.
(Bremen by the way has an average of 131 rain days per year - that’s more than ⅓  so it’s a damn good thing that we’re here to bring the colour!)

After some basic details are sorted, local women show up to our studio, and strip down to their skivvies in the name of Tizz & Tonic. Just like that. It’s wonderful. 

The morning of our shoots, we cross the street to our local fruit and flower shop and stock up on all the necessities. Here I am, waiting for the ladies. 

Some women join us because they live in the area and have a little free time, some show up as a personal challenge and to experience something different, and some (may) just show up for the complementary snacks and glasses of Prosecco - whatever the motivation, we are always mega delighted when they’re in the studio with us. It’s always a hoot and the entire Tizz team is so grateful to be surrounded by a bunch of local undie enthusiasts.

And here are the snacks, bubbly & hand sanitizers awaiting the ladies.
And Yanna, sewing an emergency pair of undies for one of the gals. No pants, no problem.


Take a look at the results of our latest Fall photoshoot and some extra BTS snaps - photos taken by me, Imke your panty queen. 

Live in the area? Keep your peepers peeled on our Insta-stories for our next shoot! We’d love to see you there - and you get to keep everything you wear. @tizzandtonic

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