!!!BIG NEWS!!! : A Very Important Update

!!!BIG NEWS!!! : A Very Important Update

In contrast to our usual two collections a year, we haven't brought in any new prints or colours since Spring 2021. Tizz & Tonic is indeed a slow fashion brand, but there is more to it than actively slowing down our production process. 

Behind the scenes during the last 6 months, we’ve been hustling really hard to bring Tizz & Tonic to the next level - and leveling up takes time. There’s been a lot to figure out, and there are still many hurdles to overcome.

But today, we are over the moon to finally dish the details on what the heck has been going on at Tizz & Tonic this past while. We didn’t want to keep you guessing any longer!

Clean to the core 

To recap, our main mission at Tizz & Tonic is to create bold, exciting intimates that embody a positive, fresh feeling with as little environmental impact as possible. High impact happiness, low impact production is the name of the game. 

Since earth-conscious textiles are at the core of our brand, we strongly believe that the next no-brainer step is to incorporate a wider range of cleaner textiles into our collections. We’re talking more than just organic cotton. (And by the way, in no way are we throwing shade on organic cotton - it’s definitely an sublime underwear-drawer staple and a fabric option we plan to continue offering.) But mean, clean and fiercely green textiles go beyond just organic cotton.


The Big News
Over the next months we will bring you a stunning range of some of the most innovative textiles in the intimate world. We’re talking biodegradable undies. One-size fits most undies. Free-cut undies. Printed micromodal undies. Cradle to cradle certified undies. The works.
All sewn and designed with the threads and core ingredients of Tizz & Tonic - basics with a twist, made in Germany. 

Here’s an overview of what is going to be hitting the workbenches this year. We will go into more depth of each category soon, and as the production begins we want to take you along every step of the way because transparency to us is super important. You should know our intimates brand so very intimately so that you can feel happy and healthy wearing funderwear that's, well,  fun to wear. ;) 

A Quick Overview at what’s coming: 

Compostable/ Biodegradable Intimates
Some of the textiles we’ll be bringing in will be 100% biodegradable - which means after your undies lifespan has come to an end (like all good things) it can be put into the earth. 


Seamless / ‘Free Cut’ Intimates
We’re working on a small range of sneaky undies - minimal seams and no hem-lines means these undies will truly fit like a second skin and will hardly be visible under form-fitting clothes.

Printed Micromodal Intimates
The response to our micromodal undies has been insanely positive. But offering just black doesn’t quite cut it - this is Tizz & Tonic after all. In the near future, you can expect a range of printed micromodal undies - some free-cut, some one-size. All marvelous.

One-size Intimates
Though we won’t do a total one size, when designing with this fabric we will likely offer 2-3 ‘one-size’ options that stretch and snap to a wide range of body types. This is beneficial because it gives you flexibility in the sizing selection, reduces the amount of sizes we have to produce which means less chance for overstock and deadstock items.

Cradle to Cradle Certified™ textiles 
The Cradle to Cradle (C2C) Certified(™) is a product certification that assesses products and materials for safety to human and ecological health, design for future (re-)use, and sustainable manufacturing. 

Sticking to our roots -  what’s staying:

Certified Organic Cotton 
For those who just love organic cotton basics, we’re still sticking to our roots. 

Our organic cotton producer is certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), the globally recognized body for auditing and approving organic materials. GOTS guarantees the traceability of organic cotton from field to final garment, and also fair and ethical working conditions.
Sticking to our roots these fabrics that are already found in our collections are here to stay. 

Botanic origin,  biodegradable, created by a sustainable production. These cellulose fibers are made in a closed loop production process by dissolving wood pulp from sustainably managed forests and using a special drying process called spinning. Tencel has lower overall water, dying and energy requirements than other materials like cotton. 

Circularity & Upcycled Cotton 
These topics go hand-in-hand for us. 

An alternative to biodegradability is circularity. In practical terms, this means elements of a garment that do not decompose easily can be reintegrated into the production cycle.

Less then 1% of discarded textiles are recycled into “new” textiles so this is an area that has a huge potential scope for improvement. Right now, upcycled cotton can be found in our tennis socks but we’re excited at the potential to incorporate upcycled cotton more into our range. 

When will all of this happen? 

Our new fabric shipments will be arriving in stages over the next couple of months. As our team is small, we won’t be releasing the new collections in one big bang. Rather, we’ll be releasing new intimates in curated colourful bursts - each collection will be limited edition and new items will be released more frequently. Sounds like fun? It will be. Make sure to sign up to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram @tizzandtonic to join us on this wild journey and the development of the world’s coolest undie brand. 

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