Behind the Scenes: Barber Shop Photoshoot

Behind the Scenes: Barber Shop Photoshoot

Sometimes the coolest treasures are in your own backyard, waiting to be discovered. That's how we ended up hosting a very spontaneous shoot at a local barber shop called Zweistühle (which shares a space with a much loved shop Defibrillator Secondhand).

Just the day before, we were on location scouting out a corner for a weekend pop-up and the light was streaming in so irresistibly there was no way we could miss a chance to snap a few Tizz & Tonic looks here. The space is truly a treasure. 

So without much convincing at all, the team gave us the keys and full access to both the barber shop and the secondhand shop. After shooting off a few last minute texts to two local (and stunning) Tizz chicks we were on location within 24 hours making magic happen - Just us, our phones and some delicious, warm Spring sunshine.  Here are some final snaps and a peek behind-the-scenes including some of yours truly!

To conclude with a gentle reminder: remember to support your local business and continue to discover treasures in your very own city! 

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