Undie Empire Updates

Summer 2020 Empire Updates

We are moving! 

Well to start off, we are moving. That’s right. We’ve been producing our magical intimates in Bremen's downtown for almost 2.5 years but, a handful of months ago we decided that it was time to shake things up. 

In January we realized that with our brand ambitions and future goals, our workspace and location would need to change. We were looking for a place to expand our creative area (we've outgrown out current studio in terms of space) and be able to have more flexibility in our everyday life - which means not having regular store hours. An open concept studio and shop is a cool experience - our parents, who are artists, have had this lifestyle for over 35 years, but for us it wasn't really what we wanted long-term. We decided to find a new studio where we could get into the flow of work without the confines of owning a traditional shop, have a photo-station for regular impromptu photo-shoots (we need more Tizz models!) and be able to open up the studio doors on an event or special shopping day basis. 

We kept our eyes open for a new place to dub the Undie Empire - and in May we found it. 

We're moving Tizz & Tonic into an charming old vintage-style bar. Yes, Tizz & Tonic is going to be converting a bar into an underwear paradise. How fitting.
We are currently in the midst of breathing new life into the space - freshin' up the walls and making it into our own. 

This is our concept : a totally feel-good space - chaos, production, colour-pops and cocktails. 

We are keeping our downtown location until the end of October and will slowly move production over to the new space during the coming months. More information on all of this is coming soon! 


This is our antique bar with a new lick of rose-gold paint. 

Below will be our photo-shoot room and office.

TIZZ & TONIC in Walle Bremen

We have enjoyed the experience of having an open concept shop, and sharing the space with other Bremen brands. After 3 years of running Tizz, we are really excited to have found the place to call our own. 

Extended bralette sizing choices!

We’ve listened to your feedback and have taken action. Our Valerie bralette sizing options have been extended to our gal pals who are looking for ‘reverse’ mix sizing. This means being able to choose a smaller chest measurement with a bigger under-band measurement. These sizes have been added to all non-plush Valerie bralettes: 

XXS Chest / XS Band

XS Chest / S Band

S Chest / M Band

M Chest / L Band

L Chest / XL Band 

Organic Cotton Valerie Bralette


Now within our Valerie bralette collection you have the option of 17 sizing combinations, in 10 different prints and colours to match yo’ flavour and the possibility to choose a stretchy plush under-band or a wider cotton one for additional support. 

Small brands do it better. 


2 for 45 Dylan High-Waist Panty Mix & Match 

The Dylan is a knock-out high waist panty. Perfect for mom-jean days or those days when you just want to be a spud on the sofa. We're not judging. And to promote such behaviour we are so glad to finally bring in the Mix & Match to the Dylan Panty Collection. 

Mix & Match your most kick-ass high waist undie collection. 
€24,95 each or any 2 for €45. 

Organic Cotton Basics Made in Germany

That's it for now babes. Check back soon for more updates and everyday shenanigans - and be sure to keep in touch via Instagram @tizzandtonic. 

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