5 Ways to Kickstart Your Day

5 Ways to Kickstart Your Day

Let’s be honest- we’re not all morning folk. And those of us who are aren’t always so sprightly at the crack of dawn. As a girlboss whose creative energy is at it’s peak in the am it’s crucial that I wake up and feel fresh without the temptation of smashing that snooze button.

Here’s some tips that help me almost always be a mornin' dove. 


Prep Your Morning Elixir The Night Before

Whether you’re a coffee, tea or smoothie drinker, it’s a brilliant idea to set up your mornin’ brew the night before for easy preparation. Then you’re already one step ahead of the game before your little toes even hit the floor. Personally, I’m a big coffee lover (and very clumsy in the morning) so the promise of delicious hot bean water just by the flick of the kettle inspires me to roll up and out of bed.

  Ditch Your Beep-Beep-Beepin’

That infamous beep-beep-beep of the alarm clock is the thing of the past thanks to you know...modern day technology. Whatever alarm system you use in the morning (probably your phone) set your waking-up sounds to something you actually enjoy hearing because it’s probably not the sound of a garbage truck backing up.

What about your current favourite song or a playlist from a band you just discovered?Between phone apps and Spotify it’s certainly doable. Music is the key to a happy soul and especially to a happy sleepy soul.


Don't Sleep Near Clutter 

A new day is a fresh slate and no one should wake up to the mess of yesterday. Breeze through your sleeping quarters for just a few minutes before jumping into bed- straighten up your night table, pick your clothes up off the floor and clear away those snack plates. When you’re eyes spring open in the am you’ll thank yourself for being a tidy little leprechaun.


 Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate 

When you sleep you fast, and when you wake up you need water. You need water sooooo badly!  If you don’t already have a glass beside your bed, plunk one down beside the sink. When you wake up to do your morning bathroom bizz, fill the glass and drink up. The refreshing liquid-y delight slaps that grogginess right out of yah. Then you can switch it out for that mornin' brew we were just discussing.  


Wear Gooooooood Underwear

Ladies listen up- stop navigating through your busy day wearing weird underwear. Reach first for those delightful cotton undies because if you're going to hustle all day everyday you should do in underwear that is not only awesome but comfortable and breathable. Always always! You’re intimates have the power to set the tone of your outfit and your outfit will set the tone of your day. Slip them on and go kick this new day in the butt. 

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