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  • Undie Breakdown

    Our easy-to-fit stretchy undies harmonize with your ever-changing body so you can fall in love with yourself day in and day out. All the while not putting extra strain on our beautiful planet. 

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  • Produktion

    We created Tizz & Tonic to get you more excited about greener fashion and be inspired to invest in better clothing. We’re here to vitalize the industry, because the fashion industry needs a big makeover - and for us, it starts with underwear.

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  • Packaging

    The perfect packaging does not (yet) exist. But, just as with the underwear we sew, we have put a lot of thought into the packaging materials we use.

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  • Future-Forward Sustainable Fabrics

    We have a passion for sustainable materials and only use fabrics we trust and believe are responsibly sourced and environmentally conscious, because what you wear can really make an impact!

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