Designer Alert Namrata and TIZZ & TONIC

Designer Series: Meet Namrata

Meet Namrata - the vibrant, young textile designer who was the winner of our June’s ‘Textile Design Competition’. The print is currently being featured in our collection and as a prize she got to pick out a custom intimates set designed using her very own print. 

TIZZ & TONIC Custom Set Design Contest

We (virtually) sat down to find out more about the woman behind “Eyelock” and to pick her brain about the ethical fashion movement in India.

Namrata is a self-proclaimed ‘master of her own strings’, has a passion for challenging herself and going against the grain. She found excitement in textile design and decided to pursue her studies at the National Institution of Fashion Technology in New Delhi, India. She’s currently focusing on garment and textile design.


In drawing up her inspirations from ‘art movements’, she also finds creative insights all around her - and hinted that beauty is essentially in the eye of the beholder. Namrata also pointed out that she finds her inspiration in the requirements of her clients.

Asking her thoughts on the ethical fashion movement and if she’s seen any noticeable changes in her community she said,  “Well I strongly support ethical fashion. Because I believe it's high time that we as consumers should realize the impact of fast fashion on our environment. Also, ethical fashion gives more space for creativity!”. (Good point.)

"There have been changes in my local community and I guess social media has played a major role in doing that. Earlier, I guess young people were not even aware about the sustainable clothing existence and now even college freshers have their own small company based on sustainable clothing. Also there are associations that give credit to the artisan, the products sold at exhibitions have the tag with the artisan's info.”

Favourite designers: International designer Michael Cinco & Indian designer Anamika Khanna
Super power: Patience.

Check out more of Namrata's work : Facebook  / Instagram

It’s not only mega cool and kinda freaky, but also our very first motif to be exclusively printed on GOTS certified organic cotton. Heck yah!  


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