December Cocktail of the Month: Hot Chocolate

December Cocktail of the Month: Hot Chocolate

A monthly cocktail recipe from your Tizz & Tonic Team

Since we are cocktail enthusiasts (enjoying responsibly of course and never at the sewing machines) and have our studio located in an old cocktail lounge we thought it would be very fitting to share with you some of our go-to-cocktails. Some of these we particularly love to enjoy after a long day of undie making.

So, every month we will bring you a simple, enjoyable recipe. It’s a great way to discover new and old style cocktails and diversify your mental library of drinks. This will surely come in handy next time you're stirring up something delicious for your favourite people. We try to keep each cocktail selection basic since most home bars are not going to have all the necessary ingredients. And because we are just the right amount of fancy.



Cocktail Of the Month: Hot Chocolate

It’s the end of 2021, a year full of ups and downs and we’re settling into some of the darkest days of the year. Ick and brrrrrr.

In Bremen between the chilly wet weather and absent sunlight it is easy for us to feel tired and cold to the bone. But that’s nothing that a nice cup of (adult) hot cocoa can’t fix. 

And although Hot Chocolate isn't technically a cocktail we're going to let that slide. It’s festive, it’s delicious and it’s yummy. It’s a winter staple, and the sweetness fits perfectly into the most indulgent month of the year. 


Key Ingredients for a Creamy Hot Chocolate (Vegan options too!)

  • Milk 
    •  Vegan option: Plant-based milk
  • Dark Chocolate
    •  Vegan option: Dairy-free vegan dark chocolate
  • Cocoa powder 
  • Sugar or sweetener
  • 1-1.5 oz of Irish Cream 
    • Vegan option: 1-1.5 oz good old brandy for that extra kick

Optional ingredients:

  • Whipped cream 
    • Vegan Option: coconut whipped cream

How to Prepare

Add 1 cup of milk or plant-based milk to a small saucepan.

Warm it up, add 1 tbsp. cocoa powder, 1-2 tbsp. chocolate (regular or vegan) and sweetener (raw sugar or stevia to your desired sweetness) and whisk to combine.

If you want to booze it up, add your liqueurs or brandy once the milk has been removed from the heat.

Top with whipped cream or coconut whipped cream or drink as is.

Sip, sip, cozy.

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