#BrandCrush: MYLILY

This month we’re teaming up with our #brandcrush because organic cotton doesn’t just stop at undies. Until the end of the month, every T&T box will ship with a free 4 piece tampon sample pack from MYLILY plus a secret 20% off coupon code if you decide to make the switch to 100% bio 0% bullshit.  Which you should. Find out more below.

We’re about to change your peachy lil’ world. Meet MYLILY - the young Hamburg-based bio-tampon brand. That’s right. Organic. Cotton. Tampons. It’s a thing.

MYLILY was founded to fix some pretty heavy problems in the tampon industry. They’ve said adios to the outdated ornate packaging, hasta luego to the cryptic chemical additives and weird cotton blends and hallo to 100% bio 0% bullshit organic cotton tampons.

Their tampons are sold in modernized low-key packages that can be delivered right to your doorstep, they’re un-hushing the hush on topics surrounding periods and encouraging open talk about menstruation. MYLILY has got what you need.

And you know what’s the cherry on top? The company is co-founded by a woman, Heide (yay), and Dennis. A man. *Gasp* Correct. Because periods aren’t just a women’s affair, they are a human affair.

Friederike, head of communications from the start-up's 5 person team, made a trip over to Bremen to visit us in our studio. She dropped off the sample packs for you gals and we chatted about the story behind MYLILY, women empowerment and of course, periods.

Here’s the grind:

Yanna: Many brands are founded to fix a problem and there’s often a good story behind it. Give us the low-down on how MYLILY came to be. 

Friederike: A couple years ago while travelling in South America, Heide wanted to do a diving course with a friend from the US, but her friend couldn’t join because she was on her period and didn’t have any tampons. When Heide offered to give her some, her friend refused because they weren’t organic. Heide was really curious about this and researched to find out more, and she found that ultimately organic tampons were better health wise than conventional tampons. At the time, the market for organic tampons in Germany was not very big and the ones available were in flowery packages and not modernized for strong and modern women. This was a really good topic that could start some change in society as periods are still a taboo thing. Heide thought,  “How could it be that we are in 2018 and periods are still such a taboo topic? Especially when it concerns half the population who have or will have to deal with it at some point.”

Heide and Dennis met each other through the startup community in Hamburg and when she shared her idea, Dennis thought it was really interesting (especially for a man), as he knew nothing about periods other than buying tampons for his girlfriend. He proposed to be a co-founder and thus MYLILY began in early 2018.

Dennis and I knew each other from a previous job and one day he was telling me about his tampon company (*chuckles*) and began asking me questions about my tampons. I was really surprised that a man would ask me that but I didn’t feel ashamed or anything, I just answered his questions. Later on he told me MYLILY needed someone for communications and I joined the team. At the moment we have 3 interns, one guy and two girls. A lot of people ask the guys, “Why do you do tampon stuff as a man?” and a lot of women are interested in this company because there is a male founder. It is nice that guys are interested and well informed about these kind of topics. Plus their girlfriends are very proud of them. 



Imke: Why is organic cotton so important particularly when it comes to tampons?

Friederike: Our tampons are made from 100% organic cotton and our producer is GOTs certified, so there is no pesticide usage and no chlorine. As a tampon producer you don’t have to write all your ingredients on the package (scary), so we can say that our tampons are 100% Organic Cotton 0% Bullshit.


Yanna: I know that Toxic Shock Syndrome is a big conversation topic when it comes to tampons, is the risk for TSS lessened with an organic product?

Friederike: The risk is lessened with organic tampons but the risk is never zero. You have to be sure you are regularly changing your tampons and this is something that also can affect cup users too. It’s about bacteria being able to grow in warm, moist environments, so although the conversation is normally around tampons, Toxic Shock Syndrome can actually affect everyone (men and children too). The risk is lessened with organic tampons because they are made only from cotton and there are not other ingredients or additives in them.

Imke:  Where can people get their MYLILY boxes?

Friederike: Right now just online (available European wide) but we are working to get into some stores. We offer a subscription too, so that monthly you can get a box of tampons sent to you directly. On the package you don't see that they are tampons, it’s just our label. German’s don’t really like subscriptions, but a tampon subscription makes sense because it is something you need every month. Also, for women who don’t get their period that often the subscription can be altered and come every two or three months. We can also make a mix within the tampon box specific to our customers needs (for example when your period isn’t as heavy you should switch to a mini because it is healthier for your vagina).



Yanna: I know your team is big on the body positivity movement and empowerment of women. I believe I read that you hold events, could you tell us a little more about these events?

Friederike: The female empowerment part is more the bigger idea that we are pushing forward more than the tampons, since tampons are just our first product and we want to have more products. This is the starting point that will open the conversation and inform people about periods. People don’t actually know that much about the vagina and no one really wants to openly talk about it. We did an event a few weeks back with Frauenmacht and our goal was to connect women. Women were approaching Dennis at the event saying, “You are a man who will tell me about tampons? Okay, surprise me!” and he was able to tell them some things they hadn’t known before. These events are about having a strong community for women to feel safe to talk about their periods, or even their moods that come with periods. Our events are meant to be a safe place to ask those questions.

Some women suffer a lot and are really ill the days before and this is not a comfortable topic for many women to have to tell their boss if they can’t go to work. Our goal is to make these topics normal topics so that everyone knows about it and when people see our logo or us wearing the shirts they feel like they can more easily talk about these things. People share their stories with us, via social media or at these events and some have even asked us for advice. I really like that we are in the position where people are asking us advice and opening up to us. We are not doctors and don’t have medical degrees but we can offer the facts. The rest is up to the individual to decide because it is their body and their choice.

So there is the low-down on this young super fresh brand. 100% GOTS certified organic cotton tampons, made in Europe & shipped right to you. 

Tempted to try? All T&T packages from now until 31st October will ship with a free sample pack from MYLILY plus a 20% discount code so you can start treating your peach with a little more love.  

More information about the opt-in for your sample pack at checkout.  


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