May Cocktail of the Month: Piña Colada

May Cocktail of the Month: Piña Colada

A monthly cocktail recipe from your Tizz & Tonic Team

Since we are cocktail enthusiasts (enjoying responsibly of course and never at the sewing machines) and have our studio located in an old cocktail lounge we thought it would be very fitting to share with you some of our go-to-cocktails. Some of these we particularly love to enjoy after a long day of undie making.

So, every month we will bring you a simple, enjoyable recipe. It’s a great way to discover new and old style cocktails and diversify your mental library of drinks. This will surely come in handy next time you're stirring up something delicious for your favourite people. We try to keep each cocktail selection basic since most home bars are not going to have all the necessary ingredients. And because we are just the right amount of fancy.


Cocktail Of the Month: Piña Colada

Our mother has a sweet tooth and claims that her favourite cocktail is a Piña Colada. So, whenever we are travelling together somewhere tropical we set off in search of the perfect Piña Colada. (That's kind of hard work you put in for your mama!)

If you haven't been acquainted with the Piña Colada before, it's a tropical cocktail made with a blend of rum, cream of coconut, and pineapple or pineapple juice, served blended or shaken with ice.
It also almost always tastes the best when made with real pineapple. But for that, it should be a special occasion. 

More often than not pineapples that have made their way to Europe actually come from the tiny country of Costa Rica where the production is one of intensive agriculture, social, health and environmental issues. 

Because of it's cute, fun shape and wacky top we like to have pineapples as a guest of honor at our photoshoots - but we always keep in mind that they are resource intensive. So after our photoshoots, we honor the fruit by enjoying it's sweetness to the fullest, Piña Colada style. 

And as another lil' bite of fineapple fun - did you know that pineapples are also being grown in Europe? On a recent trip to Madeira, Portugal we bought some pineapples grown on the Azores. Pineapples are not native to the Azores islands, but the favorable and stable climate allows for the tropical fruit to be grown in an oceanic, non-tropical location. We found these pineapples to have a more silvery look to them - they were extremely sweet and are considered a delicacy in Portugal often served as a dessert. But we drank ours up and wore the top as a crown. 

Here's how to sip and enjoy: 

Key Ingredients

  • 1 one part light rum
  • 1 one part Coconut cream, or coconut milk
  • 3 parts Pineapple juice or pineapple chunks
  • Ice 
  • Optional: squeeze of lime

How to Prepare

Mix all the ingredients with crushed ice until smooth. - blend or shake it.
Pour into chilled glass, garnish with a pineapple slice and serve. 

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