Choosing a Soft Bra: the Everyday Soft Bra vs. The Everyday Soft Bra Padded

Choosing a Soft Bra: the Everyday Soft Bra vs. The Everyday Soft Bra Padded

When it comes to intimate wear, comfort is key, but so is the right kind of support, tailored to your body and your needs. In the world of bralettes, where freedom and ease reign supreme, making the right choice can significantly affect how you feel in your everyday attire.

Today, we're comparing two versions of our popular bralettes: The Everyday Soft Bra vs. The Everyday Soft Bra (Padded). Each has its unique features and benefits, designed to cater to different preferences and requirements. Let’s dive in to help you decide which bralette option is right for you.

The Everyday Soft Bra: Effortless Comfort

The Everyday Soft Bra is the epitome of comfort. Designed for those who prefer a relaxed and unstructured fit, this bralette is perfect for days when you crave minimal fuss and maximum ease. Here’s what makes The Everyday Soft Bra stand out:

  • No Padding: For many, the best bra is the one that feels like it’s barely there. Without padding, The Everyday Soft Bra offers a natural look and feel, making it ideal for lounging or for those who prefer a more natural silhouette under their clothing.

  • Flexible Underband: The underband on this bralette is lighter and more flexible, providing light support without any tightness. It's perfect for days when you don't want to feel constricted or for anyone who dislikes the feeling of traditional bras.

  • Stretchy Fabric: Both the bust area and the straps on The Everyday Soft Bra are made to stretch comfortably to fit your body. This adaptability makes it an excellent choice for a wide range of body types and sizes, accommodating natural changes in your body throughout the day.

  • Slip-On Design: With no hooks, clasps, or adjustments, The Everyday Soft Bra is as simple as slipping on your favorite T-shirt. It's designed for ease and speed, perfect for those busy mornings or when you want to unwind.


The Everyday Soft Bra (Padded): Structured Support

While The Everyday Soft Bra focuses on unrestricted comfort, The Everyday Soft Bra (Padded) provides a bit more by way of structure and support, making it suitable for those who might need a little extra from their bralette. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Removable Padding: The inclusion of padding, which is also removable, offers versatility. You can choose to have a smoother, more contoured shape under your clothes or remove the padding for a more relaxed fit, depending on your preference and the occasion.

  • Sturdier Band: The band on this bralette is designed to be more stable and less flexible, offering medium support. It’s a great middle ground for those who need more support than a light underband can provide but don’t want the full rigidity of an underwire bra.

  • Snug Fit: Thanks to its banded hem, The Everyday Soft Bra (Padded) fits more snugly around your bust and straps. This design is ideal for those who prefer a more secure feel throughout the day or for activities that might require additional support.

  • Designed for Hold: If you’re looking for a bralette that keeps everything in place with a bit more hold but still offers the comfort of a traditional bralette, this is the choice for you. It’s perfect for longer days or when moving from work to casual outings.

Which One Should You Choose?

Choosing between The Everyday Soft Bra and The Everyday Soft Bra (Padded) depends largely on your personal needs and lifestyle.

  • Consider Your Daily Activities: If your day involves a lot of physical activity or you simply prefer more support, The Everyday Soft Bra (Cupped) might be the better option. However, if you're mostly lounging or prefer not to feel your bra during the day, The Everyday Soft Bra is ideal.

  • Think About Your Wardrobe: What kinds of clothes do you wear most often? Tighter, more form-fitting tops might pair better with The Everyday Soft Bra (Padded) due to its smoother silhouette. On the other hand, if you wear looser or thicker fabrics, you might enjoy the natural shape of The Everyday Soft Bra.

  • Personal Comfort Preference: Some of us have a higher sensitivity to tight clothing and constrictive fabrics. If you value freedom and a barely-there feeling, The Everyday Soft Bra will be your go-to. For those who find comfort in feeling more ‘held together,’ The Everyday Soft Bra (Padded) offers that extra security.


Both The Everyday Soft Bra and The Everyday Soft Bra (Padded) offer unique benefits, and the choice between them doesn’t have to be exclusive. Many women find that having both types of bralettes in their wardrobe allows them to switch based on their day-to-day needs. Whether you value ultimate comfort or balanced support, there is a bralette in this range designed just for you! 

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