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“I think beauty means diversity and beauty doesn’t come in one size, one colour, one shape. It comes in a variety and I’m actually quite proud of the way I look today,” Marika Nagy.


Last November, we had the chance to kick it with Marika Nagy for a video campaign and photoshoot in downtown Bremen. The shoot was for a feature in Barcroft's SHAKE YOUR BEAUTY campaign, which features people of the world who were born with conditions that make them stand out from the rest - and what they do to harnasss their differences for their own personal strength and everyday successes.

Marika lives with an extremely rare skin condition called Congenital Melanocytic Nevus, which affects 1 in 500 000 newborns. This skin condition meant that during Marika’s childhood and into her adult life she's had to endure years of bullying and overcome social challenges in everyday situations. 

But Marika is fierce, and this energetic 21 year (who also happens to be a mom!) is breaking full-on into her modelling/influencer career - and her condition is something that she believes is actually her own personal key to success. She uses her social media platforms to actively advocate 'beauty outside the box' and  talks openly about her skin, self acceptance and all that crucial stuff we as women, and as people who struggle with our own differences, should hear. 

Ummm hello, amazing. Here are three lil' take-away tips from our afternoon with this pint-sized powerhouse: 


Using her condition to leverage her modelling career, Marika is celebrating her own strengths. Strengths don’t have to be big or noticeable, they simply have to be YOURS. By paying more attention to what we are good at and less attention to what we are maybe not total wizzes at, we can live more meaningfully and strive to well, strengthen our strengths! By celebrating our own powers we can also celebrate the strengths of others.

YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE (and that's a good thing)
Being the real you, and being authentic sometimes seems like a very challenging thing. Which in many ways, is wildly ironic. We are who we are, and that is good and that is enough. Plus the more comfortable we feel about ourselves the more we'll feel pretty okay with whatever choices we make in life because we're standing behind ourselves.

In a social era it is really easy to think that we are simply not enough. And the truth is, we're harder on ourselves than anyone else could be. If we ignore our own feelings and needs we are basically abandoning our well-being. The number one person we need to care for in this world is US. If we don’t properly take care of ourselves, how will we be able to take care of others? By putting importance on ourselves and self care, we will benefit from a lifetime of physical, mental, and emotional freedom.

There you have it, kurz und knackig as they say in German.
Flip the gallery for more images of our shoot - and check out Marika rocking her custom Raven Bralette & matching Dylan Panty... hot damn!


The Team:
Marika @marynevus
Photographer @marius.butt
Agency @himmelandrenner

Click to watch Marika's SHAKE YOUR BEAUTY here.


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