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**BLOG UPDATE 05.06.18 : Well we were so super close! Tizz & Tonic came 4th out of 30 competitors - but has one of the largest fan bases & was the second project to be fully funded! The campaign will officially close on 20.06.18 - so if you still want to check it out, support us and get yourself a gift you still have time! Thank you to everyone who has shown us love these past few weeks - we are totally ecstatic & can't wait to show you what's next. xo 

Hey there. Guess what? We want Tizz & Tonic to be the most bablicious underwear brand on the gosh darn planet! But first we need just a teeny tiny bit of help from you. Ya - I'm talking to you!

On May 22nd we launched a crowdfunding campaign that's not just about raising funds to better develop the brand but also about gathering up a big crowd of supporters from big and small contributions. The campaign was launched in conjunction with a Bremen city start-up hustle called "Ideen für Bremen".

The crowdfunding runs until June 20th but the "Campaign Prizes" will be decided on June 5th. The city will be honoring the top 3 out of 31 projects with EXTRA start-up capital to realize their aspirations. In order to come out on top, we have to have the biggest crowd - from support even as mini as 5.  (Less than a coffee and a cookie!)

Plus as a little 'yay' for your support we have a super sweet selection of thank-you gifts to choose from including undie packs, surprise boxes and unisex banana pocket t-shirts!

In short, our 2 main targets are this:

  • We’re rallying the funds so that we can become a MORE SIZE INCLUSIVE brand & to celebrate body diversity past our current 4-size selection. This would mean developing patterns to include 2-3 more sizing options. Additionally, we'd be able to work with professional fit models to see what cuts are best suited for specific body-types. Can I get a holllaa?!
  • Secondly, we really want to have all of our printed cottons available exclusively on organic cotton! We'd work closely with a small GOTS certified manufacturer (we've already established our connection) to get these bolts rolling so that every single item you wear is not only crazy-cool, but totally organic and better for our sexy-sexy planet Earth.

How does that sound? 

Tizz & Tonic was hatched by my sister and me on the values of producing basics that aren't boring, offering eco-options that are affordable and that were designed to break the norms. We want to invite women to have more fun in their daily lives!

So what do you say? You have some pocket change to spare for this lil' feisty girl team? 

Check out our campaign here! 

('s all in German but you can translate it using the toggle on the top left-hand corner of the screen. Plus we're happy to chat to you about it all in English too!) 


  1. Click to head over to our page 

  2. Translate to English by clicking the 3-lined Toggle buttons on the top left-hand corner (if necessary)

  3. Hit that 'Support' button

  4. Select an amount and pick out a fun 'thank you' gift for yourself

  5. Fill out your info & hit enter to confirm 

  6. Everyone does a happy dance!


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