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3 Reasons To Rock Awesome Loungewear

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Sometimes when it just too peopley outside, all you want is to be at home chilln’ in your jams. But, what if I told you 3 reasons NOT to turn straight to your old t-shirts and sweatpants for comfort. 

You are awesome, and your loungewear should be too.

Let me tell you why;

  1. Good quality loungewear made from natural fibers will make you FEEL better! It’s healthier for your skin, more breathable plus, it is better for the environment. Your “home” clothes should be natural, soft, and stretchy to give you all the comfort you need.  If you purchase items made with natural fabrics such as organic cotton, your body and mother earth will both thank you. Double whammy. 

  2. Taking style seriously even when no one can see you! Well that might sound silly to some but there is always the chance someone MAY see you. I’m sure you think you’re alone when you sneak out on the balcony to hang your laundry* but there is always somebody around.
    Plus, that unexpected visitor is in for an awesome surprise when you open the front door carefree and with confidence due to the fact the loungewear you are wearing is awesome. CAUTION! There is a chance this uninvited guest will make a point of coming around more often to check out the other styles you might have.

    Furthermore, for those of us living with our partner or roommates, this is the small gesture that tells them “even though it is 15:00 on a Saturday and I haven’t left the house, I still have my sh*t together”.

    Lastly, in the unlikely but possible case you have to evacuate your building; you can stand proud whilst your companions might be qualifying themselves for PJ meme of the month.
    Don’t let it happen to you!

    *P.S Yes, it is 2018, everyone should be hang drying their laundry by now.

  3. Ever heard that “confidence breeds confidence”? Why not apply this behavioural modification to your loungewear?! Feeling good on the inside is also about looking good on the outside and why should that stop when you are in the privacy of your own home? Wearing old raggedy clothes made from bad synthetic fibers will make you feel old and raggedy. One quick swap in your “at-home-comfort” style could give you new powers in your personal mental health. 
So upgrade your pa-jam-jams, your loungewear, your chill-fit for something a little better; for you, for your brain, and for the environment. You’ll be glad you did!

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